All About YoSeats

Who We Are YoSeats Explained

YoSeats is where you go to find the tickets for the events you want to see at the lowest prices we can offer. We match buyers and sellers with tickets to Concerts, Sporting Events and Live Theater. There’s never no seats where there’s YoSeats.

Our Company Mission

The YoSeats Mission:

YoSeats makes buying tickets to events you want to see easy and affordable. We are ticketing reinvented. Our marketplace uses the latest technology to keep our costs low so we can pass those savings on to you when you buy tickets. Our technology team works tirelessly to make the entire transaction fast and easy. Once you become part of the YoSeats family, buying tickets is as easy as choosing the seats you want and checking out your cart. Most of our tickets are delivered instantly in PDF format. We’re here to make sure you never miss out on anything. Our mission is to make sure there’s always a seat with your name on it when you need it. At YoSeats we’re fans too. We’re committed to making sure you get the tickets you want with ease and that they’re delivered on time.

The YoSeats Guarantee:

We work hard to earn your trust. No one wants to worry about their tickets. That's why we designed YoSeats to be the safest, most secure way to buy tickets online. We back all orders with our 100% Buyer Guarantee. At YoSeats we make sure you get what you expected. Our entire team is there to protect and help you all along the way. We built our platform and our culture so that you can purchase tickets knowing that you’ll soon be enjoying your event.

The YoSeats Commitment:

At YoSeats, we are committed to providing you a great experience. Our technology was built using knowledge gained over thousands of transactions. We want to be sure that you know the tickets you chose will be the tickets you get and that those tickets will arrive on time for you to get to the show.

The YoSeats Philanthropy:

YoSeats is committed to giving back. We set aside a portion of our profit, and also collect additional funds through various promotions we run throughout the year. Our current focus is on music in schools. We use our funds to assist schools to purchase musical instruments and to provide musical education. We’re fans, and we know that for there to be music in the future, there has to be music education in the present.

At YoSeats, we want you to look forward to your upcoming concert, show, or sporting event knowing that every step of the way YoSeats has your ticket to live events.