What is YoSeats?

YoSeats is a marketplace for fans looking to buy tickets to their favorite sports, concerts, and theater events. Our mission is to help you buy tickets. The YoSeats team designed a site which will transfer tickets quickly and safely. We want you to get to what's important – having a great time at your event.

YoSeats offers a smooth and easy shopping experience. We strive to maintain the industry's best ticket prices. Our relationships with trusted sellers give you an unmatched selection of tickets to the hottest and most desirable events around the world. At YoSeats we continually invest in technology to keep our costs low and pass the savings on to you.

As part of our commitment to your safety, we keep all of your personal information secure and back every order with our YoSeats 100% Buyer Guarantee. Meanwhile, our customer service team is available seven days a week to answer any questions. Our goal is to provide you with the best ticket-buying experience possible.

What is the YoSeats 100% Buyer Guarantee?

The YoSeats 100% Buyer Guarantee promises that your tickets will be valid, that you will receive them in time to attend your event and that we will protect all of your customer data. We work hard to earn your trust. We maintain a customer service center to assist you with any questions or concerns you might have about your event.

Where does YoSeats get its tickets?

The tickets for sale on YoSeats are provided by the professional ticket sellers we allow to sell on our market. We don't let just anyone put their tickets on YoSeats. Our sellers are professionals who are experienced in selling and delivering tickets.

How are tickets priced?

The professional ticket sellers who list their tickets on YoSeats set the prices. Those prices change based upon the supply and demand for an event. Prices are constantly being changed by the ticket resellers. Prices can change at any time without notice. Unlike most of the other markets, YoSeats does not add extra fees just because demand is going up. Some markets charge you up to 50% more in fees when demand is souring. We charge you the same fee no matter what is happening with prices.

I've never purchased from YoSeats before. How does it work?

Welcome to YoSeats! We're glad to have you. We make the purchase process easy, and our expert customer service team works hard to ensure every part of your experience is smooth and hassle-free.

You purchase tickets online using our easy and intuitive market. Just search for your event, find the tickets you want, put them into your cart and check out. All orders you place through YoSeats are considered ticket requests until the seller confirms the order. This confirmation typically happens in minutes, but may, in some cases, take up to 48 hours. Once the seller confirms your order, you will receive an email containing your ticket pdfs or in the event of hard tickets, the order's estimated shipping or delivery date.

Please note that the available delivery options are chosen based on the estimated date that the tickets will be ready to be delivered, not the date that you place your order. Sometimes these dates change as the box office might send out the tickets sooner or later than the date they estimated. No matter what, you'll receive your tickets. The seller will send them as soon as they arrive. And, with our YoSeats 100% Buyer Guarantee, you are guaranteed to receive your tickets in time for your event.

How will I receive my tickets?

In many cases, different listings for the same event may display a variety of delivery methods; this happens because different sellers often receive their tickets in a variety of ways from the same venue box office, team, or artist.

Tickets can be delivered in the following ways:
  • Instant Download

    Tickets are emailed to you in PDF format, usually within minutes after your order is confirmed by the seller. This email will contain a link to your tickets and instructions for download and printing. Bring hard copies of these tickets with you to your event; when you arrive, the venue will scan the barcodes on each ticket.
  • Email Delivery

    Tickets are emailed to you in PDF format as soon as they are available, usually by the expected ship date provided in your confirmation email. A second email will contain a link to your tickets and instructions for download and printing. In some cases, tickets may not be available until closer to the event date due to delivery delays on the part of the box office, team, or promoter.
  • Shipping

    Tickets are printed on "hard-stock" ticket paper, which is similar in thickness to a greeting card and usually about the size of a bookmark. Tickets in this format are often referred to as "hard stock tickets." Hard stock tickets cannot be delivered via email, and will be shipped to your designated shipping address.
  • Special Delivery

    Tickets are delivered to you via one of several alternate methods. If your tickets are designated for "Local Pickup," you will need to retrieve them from the venue box office's Will Call window or a nearby location on the day of the event or a few days prior. If they are designated as "Paperless," you will meet with the seller or an affiliate, who will then escort you into the venue or event. Tickets may also be sent to you via "Flash Seats," a secure ticket-transfer system. If your tickets are scheduled for pickup, YoSeats will provide detailed delivery instructions and a phone number that you may call if an issue arises.
    If tickets scheduled for Special Delivery become available earlier than expected, the seller may email them to your designated email address or ship them to your designated shipping address. If this happens, we may contact you to confirm your shipping information.
Can I cancel my order?

All sales are final. Once an order is placed it cannot be cancelled. You may not change, exchange or return your tickets.

Why is the name on the ticket different than mine?

The name on the ticket is different because it was resold to you by the original purchaser. YoSeats acts as the middleman between ticket sellers and buyers. The name is often that of the ticket seller who bought them first from the box office. The tickets are valid. You don't need to show ID, only the barcode on ticket must be scanned for you to enter the event.

Cancellation Policy Can I cancel my order after it's placed?

No, all sales are final. Sellers are automatically notified when an order for their tickets is placed, and must confirm the order to finalize the purchase. Once this happens, you are backed by our 100% Buyer Guarantee and YoSeats has guaranteed payment to the seller in exchange for fulfilling your order. Sellers do not allow cancellations and do not offer any refunds, discounts, or exchanges.

Will I get a refund if my event is cancelled or rescheduled?

If an event is postponed, tickets will be honored for the rescheduled date. Your tickets will work on the rescheduled date. New tickets do not need to be issued. If an event is cancelled without a rescheduled date, we will refund your purchase. In some cases you may need to return your tickets to us to obtain a refund. Our customer service team will contact you if that is the situation.

Can I return my tickets or exchange them for an event at a later date?

No, all sales are final at YoSeats and we don't offer refunds or exchanges.

Buying Tickets Is it safe to order from YoSeats?

Yes! We use the best technology available to us to protect your data. Our team is constantly working to improve the security features on our site.

Why can't I add more than one set of tickets to my shopping cart?

The tickets listed on our website come from a wide network of suppliers, so each order has to be individually confirmed and shipped.

Will my tickets be together?

Yes, your seats will be next to each other nless otherwise noted in the ticket description. Sometimes tickets are number even on one side and odd on the other. Don't worry of your tickets are numbered 1, 3, 5 and 7 or 2, 4, 6 and 8. Those seats are together.

Why don't you display seat numbers?

We can't display seat numbers because the majority of tickets are shipped directly from our sellers. We are unable to guarantee exact seat locations. For example, if you purchase two tickets from a set of six tickets we cannot guarantee which two of the six tickets our seller will send. In addition, sellers may decide to not disclose exact seat locations to protect their identity. We do guarantee the tickets that you purchase will be for side-by-side seats unless otherwise specified in the ticket notes.

What's an e-ticket?

E-ticket stands for electronic ticket or e-mail ticket. The tickets will be sent to you as a PDF file and be available for download when the ticket seller processes the order and uploads the tickets. This is usually within an hour. If, for whatever reason, you order e-tickets and receive the wrong file, please contact our Customer Service team and we will sort the problem out for you. All of our tickets are backed by our YoSeats 100% Buyer Guarantee.

What is an Instant Download ticket?

An Instant Download ticket is essentially an e-ticket that is made available to you as soon as you complete your order. These tickets are sent to you almost immediately after you complete your purchase.

So why aren't all e-tickets Instant Download?

Some tickets are available instantly, and others not, because of the restrictions placed upon tickets by the artist, team or venue. Also, professional sellers use different methods to manage their inventory.

Do I have to print out my e-tickets?

Yes. Not all stadiums are equipped to scan from a phone, so to be on the safe side we advise that you print all tickets.

Delivery How will I know when my tickets are shipped?

If you ordered tickets for delivery by Federal Express, we will email you your tracking number. You can follow up with FedEx to see the progress of your shipment or simply paste the tracking number into a Google search box for an update on your shipment's progress. If you bought e-tickets you should receive them on or around the "in hand" date that was shown on your order. If you bought instant download tickets they will be emailed to you shortly after you complete your purchase.

What should I do if I receive the wrong tickets?

Please contact our customer service team so that we can fix the problem.