About Our Charity

The YoSeats team knows that music requires musicians. We support music in school. Our check out page allows you to add a donation which we use as part of a program to help fund music education for kids attending elementary through high school across the United States. Let your gift help fund training the musicians of the future.

You are the VIP

By donating whatever you can to our charity fund, you support programs to teach children how to play music. Those children will one day write the songs which we sing, form the bands which we go to see, populate the orchestras and choirs and make sure this art form lives on forever.

Even the most naturally gifted musician needs training, instruments and guidance to achieve his or her full potential. Help us give back to be sure that no talent is lost for lack of funding. Music is one of the most potent forces in the world. It lifts our spirits when we are down, provides the soundtrack to our lives, helps us to celebrate victories and significant life events and simply makes us smile.


Yoseats charity

Every small amount helps. Please be generous.

Thank you for your contribution. Enjoy the show…